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    Simferopol - gate of Crimea

    Rest on resorts

    And having a rest the central transport role of Simferopol is most familiar to Tourists. Though the city also is not located at coast, to 90% of the holiday-makers going on the sea, begin the acquaintance to Crimea with station, the airport, road service station, autostations, trolleybus station of Simferopol. It is natural that in a city and vicinities the set of transport agencies among which now and it is a lot of private concerns is based.

    Meanwhile a city and vicinities possess a unique combination of natural and historical sights, various possibilities for informative tourism and entertainments.

    Fans of active tourism begin in Simferopol not only routes of the holiday, but also more dynamical campaigns of the day off. Thanks to the airport such blitz-campaigns are made even by bicyclists from Moscow and St.-Petersburg. As to inhabitants of Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk they willingly come for the weekend to drive on mountain skiing or ponyrjat with aqualungs.

    In mountain vicinities of Simferopol such objects of the private initiative of experts in tourism as Marble and Red caves have already achieved the international recognition. But possibilities still far are not settled.

    The Capital of Crimea is located in the center of the Crimean Foothills with its picturesque rocks and fertile river valleys.

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    The Simferopol area – one of the diversified in Crimea on a combination of sea coast, steppe and foothill woods c sites of untouched thickets and meadows of herbs, sets of small rivers and artificial reservoirs, mountain woods and jajl.

    The Dense both various transport network and high safety of routes, meanwhile, allows to see set of untouched corners of the protogenic nature, antiquity and Middle Ages monuments.

    the Administrative status, economy and the population. Simferopol (about 370 thousand inhabitants) - Autonomous republic Crimea capital. The autonomy Supreme Rada Here sits, controls, editions of republican mass media, set of banks, culture establishments and other attributes of a capital life are located.

    In a city one of the largest university centers of Ukraine which major feature are already semicentenial traditions of preparation of thousand foreign students from Asia, Africa, Latin America was generated. Training of students from the Western Europe are regularly spent also.

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    Travel companies of Simferopol in Crimea only to the little concede to firms of Sevastopol, distributing tourist streams on all peninsula. Anyhow, the considerable part of the population of a city is connected with service having a rest. However reduction of summer holiday from a month about two-three weeks has led to that holiday-makers too hurry up to get to the sea and set of interesting objects of Simferopol for a long time remain without attention of mass public.

    Simferopol shares on three areas: Central (the center and the West), Railway (the north and the northeast) and Kiev (the southeast and the south). Manufactures conducting in a city economy are: instrument making, household chemical goods, easy and the food-processing industry. Outside of Crimea wines, cognacs, juice, vegetable and fruit canned food, sweets and confectionery products, macaroni, sausage products and smoked products use popularity.

    In a city there is also an administration the Simferopol rural area which earths in the south include mountain woods of the Crimean reserve, and in the west leave to the sea at a resort Nikolaevka. The basic part of the earths in Foothills is occupied by gardens and vineyards, and in steppe - crops grain and forage crops. The hothouse economy, poultry farming and animal industries, manufacture efiromaslichnyh cultures is developed.

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