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    In Simferopol there are some tasting rooms of "Massandry" and set of firm shops. But, first of all, for acquaintance to Simferopol or Nikolaevka, it is necessary to estimate production of firm "Дионис" which have inherited cellars from 2ой of guild of George Nikolaevicha Hristoforova.

    In 1853, during the Crimean war, he has redeemed at Military department the powder warehouses arranged in ancient shtolnjah, penetrating limestone on hundreds metres. Simferopol has appeared away from bloody events of war, and here wounded men arrived here in thousand. Much of them have saved a life curative red wines.

    However, Hristoforov, first of all was the businessman, who has put the first trade in the Crimean wines, including South careful, on a capitalist basis with a wide network of delivery in empire big cities.

    In a Soviet period its enterprise has turned to the ordinary winery working with vinomaterialami of a foothill and steppe zone. But modern Association "Дионис" is successful vozrazhdaet merchant traditions, providing both a variety, and high quality of production.

    Besides the well-known cellars (if will carry, they can be examined with excursion before tasting at factory, Griboedov's street, 7, area of the area of Kuibyshev), wines maintain and on special madernyh and heresnyh platforms. After all duration of solar light in Simferopol above, than in Yalta! So and madera, and the sherry, and in general strong wines "Dionisa" correspond to the highest standards, but its "highlight" are strong red Vermouths.

    As an example:

    Vermouth dessert red Church №31

    Very sated, almost opaque, is dark-cherry colour with ruby game. On glass walls forms dense beautiful legs. Aroma and taste of natural red dense wine richly supplements infusion of 14 curative components (among them: a wormwood lemon, a balm, caraway seeds, mint, a nutmeg, sheet of a cornflower and chabretsa). 16% of sugar and 16% of a fortress give at once heat wave in a body, leaving in a mouth long sweet and is hot poslevkusie with easy tartness.

    With Vermouths do not wash down meal as their taste is too rich and sated. They are self-sufficient, but also are heavy, so drink their very small doses before meal, and also with tea (pour in in a cup of 10-15 grammes) it is especially good for cold. Use in cocktails, with fruit juice and mineral water, water ice-cream. By the way, it is the optimal dessert for people with weak tonsils in the summer, and for aperitif red Vermouth demands more than mineral water and ice. Tannins, organic acids, mineral salts and Vermouth vitamins, I will underline once again, are good in small amounts.

    And here other "counter" (unique person) of the Simferopol vineyards can just flow like water to wash down any meat dishes - from sausages to sharp and fat roast. This and the nearest to a resort Nikolaevka on the origin wine.

    Table red Kronental

    Natural dry wine from red grades of grapes, vyroshchennogo in agrarian and industrial complex "Grape" of the Simferopol area. Once villages of German colonists in these parts settled down, and most picturesque of them was called the Crowned valley - as Kronental. Wine, really, corresponds to the European taste: a lung (how much it is possible for red wines) and poorly tannin so at all does not form legs on glass walls. Colour of the begun to ferment cherry very dense, almost opaque, but with ruby game. Aroma of red grapes is supplemented with lungs of tone of an autumn oak grove. Easy tartness of an oak and thin smack of wood berries also casts thoughts on royal hunting. The fortress of 10-12% and ease allow to recommend it for dense summer suppers at the sea in Nikolaevka or for an evening fire in campaigns on the Simferopol vicinities.

    Igor Rusanov

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