Rest in Simferopol. Crimea  
rest in Simferopol
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    Hunting and fishing, green tourism

    On northern entrance to a city from a traffic intersection the pond in an environment of cosy arbours and other bright structures of a complex "Fishing village" is well visible. Here there is korchma, a small zoo, a bath with pool and "cave" and other joys, like riding and other whims for your money.

    Hunting in neighbouring woods on feathery game, a wild boar, a fox, a hare will be organised by the Society of military hunters and Simferopol spetsleshozzag. Vicinities of the Guerrilla water basin are famous for hunting for a woodcock.

    For fishing of possibility the widest – are set of ponds both in a city, and in a residential suburb – there already the most beautiful reservoirs are leased. It is necessary to pay, but ulov as though with a guarantee.

    One of the most picturesque reservoirs – the Simferopol water basin.

    Green tourism in such kind as it has developed in France and Germany, try to develop in village Kolchugino. Earlier it was the German colony of Kronental. Recently in Crimea celebrated the 200 anniversary of German settlements. The ethnographic center of the Crimean Germans of "Kronental" leads special excursions and tourist programs with obligatory self-made beer and pork house sausage.

    Igor Rusanov

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    Mountaineering and rest in a mountain-wood zone
    Rocks and caves
    the Mountain bicycle and other kinds of driving on impassability
    Educational tourism

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