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    Rocks and caves

    The turistsko-excursion organisation First in Russia has appeared in Odessa in 1890 and was called the Crimean mountain club. From the name follows that club activity has been connected with the Crimean peninsula. Really, in Crimea, for the first time in Russia, has appeared foot, horse, bus, speleoturizm (survey of caves) and sports rock-climbing.

    The First branch of the Crimean club has been created in Yalta and prospers and until now in the form of the Yalta travelling agency and excursions. And here the equipped caves first in Russia for tourists, all the same are in vicinities of Simferopol.

    How it began? Here, for example, that Grigory Moskvicha's guidebook of 1909 about service of tourists at caves Bin-bash-koba (Tysjachegolovaja) and Suuk-koba (Cold) writes:“ The Crimean mountain club has leased at poseljan villages Bijuk-Jankoj a ground, adjacent with these two caves, and has constructed a shelter-refuge... The Shelter is intended for rest and a lodging for the night of travellers. The watchman of a shelter is obliged to render the possible help and services to all who will wish to take advantage of a shelter. On request of visitors, the watchman should put a samovar, give the necessary quantity of tea-things, a coffee tax, milk, eggs, to fry a shish kebab (if the traveller extracts mutton at the next shepherds that is always possible). The watchman is obliged to spend to caves and to give how many it is required candles. In case of a cold, spending the night in a refuge can demand, that have made in a fireplace (center) fire. And service the watchman receives a rate payment for execution of all requirements, confirmed by club board. The rate is hung necessarily out in a prominent place in a shelter ”. As you can see, any permits, any preliminary record, come, demand, pay under the rate. And it did not cause any delights in contemporaries. The known researcher of caves A.Kruber wrote about caves of Chatyr-daga: “Involuntarily you regret that in Russia so care a little to make accessible to public treasures available for it and sights of the nature. Be this cave abroad, and we are assured that to a cave the convenient way would be laid, reliable ladders would be made...”

    Speleoturizm in Crimea has initially been connected not only with sports, but also with scientific researches. The Simferopol state university (now Taurian national university) is the recognised world leader of speleology. The help to scientists was rendered always speleokluby, including by nurseries. One of them "Glowworm" at the center speleoturizma "Onyx-round" has grown up already generation of professionals of tourist business. It for example, heads of firm "SNP-KRYM" who every year, since 2000 have prestigious awards for development of active tourism.

    Scientists and students of Taurian national university have passed the first some novel kilometres of the well-known Red caves (the general extent of 6 circles more than 16 km).

    The Cave Marble Chatyrdaga on a plateau, equipped for visiting by tourists, in 90th years is recognised by one of the most beautiful caves of the world. But the following work speleotsentra "+эшъё-=ѕЁ" - the cave of Emine-bair-hosar is shined and equipped even better! Unlike other regions to the equipment of caves are not applied a tractor and any technics and it is not accepted to move or supplement natural natechnoe furniture for bolshego effect.

    For visiting of tourists are equipped also a near part of Red caves on Dolgorukovsky Jajle. All speleotsentry will be organised by special campaigns for siphons - the galleries filled in with water which should be overcome in aqualungs.

    Alpininizm in its classical kind with eternal ice and discharged air of high mountains is not possible, but perfect conditions for rock-climbing - amateur and sports.

    Poorly what big city can boast of that skalodrom with lines of the most different level is in 10 minutes of walking from the city center. Besides a technical variety for rock-climbing Petrovsky rocks are very beautiful. From under them beats a powerful source of tasty water, and above there is an archaeological reserve Naples-Scythian. Petrovka is also a remarkable survey point which allows to discuss routes on the Main ridge. This best place for preparation of beginners for mountain routes and to a sightseeing tour about the nature and history of Mountain Crimea.

    The Most entertainment competitions are spent on rocks of gorge the Cornel-koba. Schoolboys usually compete on natural boundary Chokurcha rocks (in 2 km above on small river Small Salgir from the Victory prospectus), area Meadow. Competitions and meetings are spent also on breakages and in karstic well massivaTash-Dzhargan.

    Possibilities to expand and diversify loading to develop new receptions and to test new equipments are simply boundless.

    Igor Rusanov

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