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  • the Card of Simferopol
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    Councils to autotourists

    Foothill Crimea - the least known, but the most interesting area for routeing trailering. Considering that through Simferopol passes the main transit stream, travel are better for planning for spring or autumn.

    The Spring in Foothills is more pleasant, than on Southern coast, and especially - it is better, than at coast of a steppe zone. There are no crude penetrating winds from the sea, numerous mountain lakes quickly get warm, everywhere flowering, greens and open space. Well and the autumn is good an abundance of fruit and grapes and their excitingly low price.

    Protected parking places are at all hotels, and also near to roadside restaurants, many of which were already equipped with numbers and saunas or build it right now. All highways from Simferopol to Alushte, to Sevastopol and to Feodosiya abound with excellent institutions krymkotatarskoj, Ukrainian, Armenian and an European cuisine of different level - from simple braziers to VIP-institutions. In itself roads are very picturesque, and it is possible to visit cave cities and monasteries, ruins of ancient temples and operating monasteries, modern cult any places of psychics and nonconformists, caves, falls, nature sanctuaries, for example the White rock at Belogorska or the Crying rock between Simferopol and Nikolaevka. Local residents go on fishing, hunting, gathering of medicinal grasses, mushrooms, berries, wild fruits. However, much from this is on sale directly at highway, near to the well-known local springs - are especially interesting with. Rich, Grushevka, Spring, Topolevka between Belogorsky and Old Crimea.

    So even if you go to the sea and in the summer, do not hasten to slip Foothills in full operation. Recently many autotourists rent zhil in a picturesque Salgirsky valley, in villages Perevalnoe and Zarechi or in housing estates adjoining to them. Huge benefit both on habitation, and on a food turns out. At the same time is much more silent, quieter, than on coast, and at night mountain air is purer and more cool. Perfectly it is possible to sleep and for five hours.

    To the south from Simferopol are very popular Red caves and plateau caves Chatyrdag : Marble, Emine-bair-hosar and others. Speleotsentr "Onyx" equipped also comfortable small houses for tourists, and during winter time mountain-skiing lines with lifts and equipment hire work.

    On the way to caves of Chatyrdaga on a known cordon foresters suited with Krinichka recently open-air cages for animals of the Crimean reserve: wild boars, deer and others. It is possible for a payment and to fish on a picturesque pond.

    On Chatyrdag conducts quite good highway from a trolleybus line through village Marble, on the plateau of a first coat give excellent possibilities for jeeps. At village Marble it is possible to have a rest and expand the representations about the nature, having visited new Park of birds .

    In 30 km from Simferopol and 12 km from Alushty the Main ridge of Crimean mountains cut Angarsk pass (752 m above sea level). Snow here is good for winter sports and rest since January prior to the beginning of March. Parking places on a circle to a trolleybus line and before a camp site, are some small houses for a lodging for the night.

    To the West from Simferopol in village Chestnut in a shade of magnificent chestnut avenue the manor Borozdinyh-Davydovyh, relatives of poet-hussar Denis Davidov has remained. In 1825 the writer and diplomat A.S.Griboedov here stopped. In general the valley from village Kurtsy to village Sably (Guerrillas) is extremely picturesque, here excellent fishing, including on the rented reservoirs, and in adjoining mountain woods – remarkable hunting, first of all on a woodcock. For hunters vacation spots are equipped.

    Between Simferopol and Feodosiya there is Belogorsk, and near to it a well-known and most beautiful White Rock - Ak. Here archeological excavations in the summer are always conducted and quite often act in film adventure or sci-fi movies.

    Karabi-jajla - the most deserted place in Crimea and in Ukraine, possibly, in general. This hilly plateau uplifted more than on 1000 metres to the sky. It is covered by karstic funnels and penetrated by a myriad of caves, wells and mines. In the Cadastre of caves of their Crimea it is described 128!

    Karabi conceals also riddles of ancient contacts to aliens: the huge figures reminding butterflies, are laid out on a grass by calcareous blocks - but drawings can be distinguished only from flight height (and from space!), and here the second image petroglyphic, the person operates the mechanism from three correct forms wheels, or gear wheels, it, on the contrary, is hidden in one of caves.

    The nature has created Karabi as secret posadochkuju a platform. Anyway in days of the Great Patriotic War here there was a main guerrilla airdrome.

    Old Crimea – small town, at which all in the past. Usually here come per day to examine a literary museum and Alexander Green's house museum, and also a medieval Armenian monastery of Surb-Hach – road to it it is very difficult, but it is interesting to jeeps. However, local drivers overcome it on "copecks" and "Muscovites" so it can be regarded as an additional attraction. Since August, 2004 in the guest case of a monastery some rooms, but without an electricity, and as a shower – only bathing in falls surrender.

    The Old Crimean woods are unusually beautiful and rich with berries, fruits, mushrooms, game. On the western suburb of small town on the brink of "Miracle field" (building of the Crimean Tatars) "the House of the hunter" is allocated two-storeyed, where it is possible pleasantly and rather cheaply (apprx. 40 grn for a lodging for the night from one) to taste pleasures of wood romanticism at a fireplace, among the hunting trophies and with satellite TV.

    • Autorefuellings of "LukOjl-Krym" (+подкачка tyres, the autogoods, cafe of fast service):
    • the gas station №2, Simferopol, street Kiev, 183(0652) 22-39-40
    • the gas station №3, Jankoi, crossing of roads Simferopols-Kharkovs and Krasnoperekopsk-Feodosija (06564 3-40-05
    • Simferopol gorupravlenie car inspection (0652 52-00-65
    • Belogorsky regional department of car inspection (06559 9-15-72

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