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rest in Simferopol
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    Boarding house ' Energetik '

    In the closed crones of trees the hot wind is lost. The sun any more does not treat, and only plays freakish shades of foliage. The refined vegetation forces to forget that nearby the sea. Here really oasis. This oasis - completely man-made.

    Boarding house "Энергетик" Park was put by experts of the Nikitsky botanical garden in 1961. The scientific approach, careful reasonableness is felt and in selection of plants, and in a park lay-out. For example, the quay is separated by a fence from wild olive. Its silvery leaves protect more gentle trees from pernicious for them sea an aerosol. The birch and a pine, a chestnut and a maple, a juniper, an ailanthus, a white acacia - for 40 years these trees have formed shady groves.

    This fine corner of family rest is located on the bank of the Kalamitsky gulf in settlement Nikolaevka in 40 km from peninsula capital - Simferopol in a non-polluting zone.

    In this fine shady territory five arranged well cases with comfortable 2 and 3 local numbers that allows to accept on rest to 1100 having a rest simultaneously have settled down. In each number there is a shower, a bathroom, a loggia, in halls - TVs and refrigerators. Also are available one- and the double rooms of the raised comfort equipped with upholstered furniture, the TV, a refrigerator.

    boarding house ' Energetik ', Simferopol, Crimea the Boarding house works seasonally, each improving season is broken into 8 arrivals for 14 days.

    A Thrice high-grade food, with an abundance of vegetables and fruit, is provided in two dining rooms. Days of the Ukrainian cuisine become a remembered cheerful and bright holiday for having a rest. In dining rooms national dishes prepare, cooks and waiters "dress up" in the Ukrainian suits, and the celebratory table is covered.

    For parents with children "Power" is better not to find, perhaps. There is the children's small town filled with attractions. The children's bar is constructed. Discounts are essential also: payment is necessary for children with 3 till 6 years only for utilities, for children is more senior 6 years the children's permit - 50 percent of cost adult (an added place in a room of parents with a food) is got.

    Here offer fizioprotsedury, massage, the ultrasonic device. Reception is conducted by the therapist, the children's doctor, the stomatologist.

    The Sports small town has tennis courts, basketball and volleyball platforms, table tennis, a gymnastic apparatus.

    "Energetik" is one of "capitals" of yachting of Ukraine. Five years here are held the International children's competitions on sailing on the Cup "Power".

    boarding house ' Energetik ', Simferopol, Crimea Pride "Power", and all Nikolaevka - a summer film concert hall. It is envied by many health resorts of Juzhnoberezhja: fine architecture, 920 places, the excellent equipment.

    The Boarding house offers having a rest absolutely new conditions of health services. This last achievement of world medicine: inspection, treatment and rehabilitation on the basis of unique properties of gifts of the Dead Sea.

    "Energetik" offers the program of following kinds of treatment: complex treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, skin, the oporno-impellent device; complex improvement of a skin, rejuvenescence; the newest technique of strengthening of a potentiality. From innovations it is necessary to note opening of branch of the Bakhchsarai branch of Bank "Аваль". Now having a rest can change currency, receive money on credit cards, without leaving boarding house territory.

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