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rest in Simferopol
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    the Nature and reserves

    Simferopol is in a hollow formed mezhgrjadovym by fall between External and Internal ridges of the Crimean Foothills and valleys of break of the rivers Salgir and Small Salgir through these ridges. Thus any part both old, and new kvartalkvartalvzbiraetsja on kuestovye slopes of both ridges so all suburbs of Simferopol are very picturesque, abound with rocky exits, artificial landings of the Crimean pine on mountain terraces and so-called "oaklets".

    Oaklets are poroslevye oak thickets chereshchatogo. They were formed as a result of 5-6 consecutive cuttings down of the present long-boled oak groves. Cuttings down this last time are connected with struggle of fascists against the guerrilla, before – with a great demand on kolja for vineyards in a XIX-th century. The previous generation of oak young growth has been destroyed for building of imperial Black Sea fleet.

    At the time of the Crimean khanate an oak cut down for manufacture of charcoal which of Crimea was delivered in huge scales for heating of houses and palaces in Turkey.

    In general, not less than 5 times from oak stubs new runaways grew, and then them again cut.

    Leaves and fruits of oaklets than do not differ from the oaks-giants which have remained in Vorontsovsky park, Children's park and nearby, but trees are more similar to high bushes. From one root there are 4-6 trunks, and their heights seldom exceeds 5 metres whereas the height of oaks-patriarchs can reach and 15-20 metres.

    The Part of oaklets (natural boundary Levadki, Oaklets, Dzhalman idrugie) is declared simultaneously and places of mass rest, and reserved objects that does not rescue them from zahlamlenija. In general, walks on vicinities of Simferopol are more likely instructive, than deliver aesthetic pleasure. The nature is extraordinary beautiful and generous, and here how people concern it …

    Besides oaklets and the Crimean pine, allocating very useful to the person and pernicious for bacteria fitontsidy, woods round Simferopol are very rich with mushrooms, medicinal grasses and wild-growing fruit plants. It is a cornel, teren, a dogrose, a cherry, wood apple-trees and pears, a barberry, a hawthorn, mushmula German.

    The Southern part of the Simferopol area – the earths the Crimean reserve , one of the most extensive and oldest reserved objects of Europe and the world.

    Igor Rusanov

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