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    Simferopol and vicinities

    Simferopol is in every respect - the center of Crimea where all its natural zones converge: JAjla, Foothills, steppe and the sea coast, all main roads, all tourist routes, all economic and political interests. Its Supreme Rada Here sits, the Autonomy Government works. Leading television channels and editions of popular newspapers of Ukraine and Russia, world news agencies have here constants korrpunkty and representations.

    A Variety of transport arteries defines to a city a role of Gate of Crimea, but these gate have also own pattern: monuments of ancient history and architecture, museums, 5 theatres, concert and showrooms, modern circus, night clubs, cosy parks with attractions. Green corridors the city is freshened by quays of the rivers Salgir and Small Salgir over which romantic rocks hang.

    The Population (about 370 thousand inhabitants) is occupied basically at the transport, industrial and building enterprises. Leading manufactures are the instrument making, household chemical goods, easy both the food-processing industry. The rough and motley life always boils on numerous markets and the markets (they, by the way, are much cheaper South careful).

    Simferopol sharply differs from other cities of Crimea a youth abundance, basically students. It is one of the university centers largest in the south of Ukraine.

    the Lay-out and transport, the main streets. Wide fall between External and Internal ridges of Crimean mountains (on it go west street Sevastopol, passing in the highway with the same name, and on the east - the prospectus of the Victory passing in Feodosijsky highway) is crossed by a powerful valley of the river Salgir. Along it there passes from the north on the south a line from Moscow and Kiev to Yalta. Accordingly and streets are called: the Moscow highway (to the Moscow ring), Kiev (from the Moscow ring to road service station) and Yalta.

    Dolina Salgira in the beginning of the Moscow highway breaks through the External ridge, and at street Yalta - the External ridge which breakages form picturesque Petrovsky rocks.

    The Main street of Simferopol - Kirov - connects east and western directions, and also two largest markets - Central and Kuibyshev. In the same mezhgrjadovom fall, but to the north of street of Kirov there passes the railway. Between Station and the street of Kirov is all historical center of Simferopol with an accurate rectangular lay-out of 18 centuries, including the main foot zone - Pushkin's street.

    To the south of street of Kirov in an inconceivable pattern small streets of medieval small town the Ak-mosque are weaved. Well and suburbs of Simferopol are formed of suburban villages and many-storeyed inhabited microdistricts.

    In general, except taxi drivers very few people can understand an artful design of the Simferopol streets. But all main thing is located either in the center or along a valley of Salgira.


    • the Code of international telecommunication +38 0652
    • Gorspravka 09, 27-62-06, 061
    • Mine-rescue service 25-31-58
    • Help Ry station 0-05, 24-34-18
    • Help airport "Central" 0-06, 29-55-45
    • Help road service station 27-52-11
    • the Crimean museum of local lore (Gogol's street, 14) 25-25-11
    • the Crimean ethnographic museum (Pushkin's street, 18) 25-25-23
    • the Simferopol art museum (K.Libknehta's street, 35) 27-54-04

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