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    the Cold beam – Tash-Dzhargan – the Snake cave – Chestnut - Bakla

    This route allows directly from platform of railway station quickly to get out of Simferopol to picturesque vicinities, and then and in the Bakhchsarai area, to most east of cave cities of Crimea whom Bakla is called. A route very sated with interesting natural and historical monuments. In a direct and return direction is advised to pass it repeatedly. But for the first time anywhere especially be not late! 30-40 kilometres in mountains are decent daily run for a bicycle or kvadrotsikla. To pedestrians this route can be broken into some parts, all suburban villages have good movement of minibuses and buses.

    the Pine forest-Chokrak (the Cretaceous source) picturesque, but fairly cluttered up natural boundary on the western suburb of Simferopol, in natural fall between External and Internal ridges of the Crimean Foothills.

    The First variant to get to it – "locomotive", for bicyclists who hurry up to leave Simferopol. At an exit from the car it is necessary to pass on platform in western, Sevastopol, a direction till the end of platform and a gate, going out of doors Gogol. On this street to go on the south, under indexes "To Sevastopol". They will result through street Zhukovsky in a bicycle track. There, by the way, there are workshops and sale of spare parts both for mountain, and for highway bicycles.

    The Second variant already approaches and for pedestrians. It connects this route with former our walks on river Salgir Quay. From quay around hotel "Ukraine" we will overcome a steep slope on a track and we will be on the street Serova. We bend around square of the Victory and along the street Zhukovsky we get out besides to a bicycle track.

    From Mayakovsky's street it is turned off on the left, near hotel "Sports" we get on street Roundabout (the index "to Sevastopol"). We will soon see the big pond in concrete facing. At it the radio market is arranged, and further among greens looks out sports constructions.

    To go more conveniently along the nearest (southern) coast of a reservoir.

    This pond as in three following, it is arranged on small river to the Slav, the left inflow of Salgira.

    The Manor the Pine forest-Chokrak before revolution belonged to several owners among whom there was general Slavich who has bought ponds, surrounded with gardens, and constructed here a summer residence for the wife — writers Sosnogorovoj. It became the first professional sostavitelnitsej guidebooks about Crimea. By name of Slavich, small river the Pine forest-Chokrak Russian steels to name the Slav though now there is also a name of Slivjanka.

    The Source of the Slav represents a powerful source — an exit of underground waters. Once from it the waterpipe to a fountain on the Market square (now on a place of a fountain a monument to Lenin) has been laid. Together with the Petrovsky fountain it provided weight a city with potable water e 1865 on 1898

    the Cold beam – favourite vacation spot simferopoltsev. Steep breakages of rocks pleasantly contrast with mirrors of ponds and greens of lawns. Woods are rich with fruits, mushrooms and medicinal grasses. Usually there are horsies for riding walks and other tourist temptations.

    From a source of the Slav it is necessary to pass on underground transition the Sevastopol highway and on one of streets (least brisk), parallel Zalessky, to get out to highway on e. Zalese. Without driving to this village, turn to the right, pass with. The top Fountains and after highway crossing on with. Guerrilla go down in the Cold beam. This powerful through fall is worked in the Internal ridge by an unknown water stream. Quite probably, any time this stream proceeded from the north on the south. Now absolutely imperceptibly rivulet Western Bulganak, beginning springs in a beam, runs into Black sea at resort settlement Coastal (it too a variant for a trip – without special beauty, but to the sea).

    The Right slope of a beam abrupt, along its limy breakage leaves highway in the Kurtsovo-Sablovsky valley, left — flat, occupied with an arable land. A beam upper course poroslo wood from usual for vicinities of a city of deciduous breeds, and also a cornel, a nut, wild-growing fruit-trees in bushes. Here it is possible to have a rest, bathe in a water basin, to look round.

    The Area of the Cold beam since ancient times involved the person with a favorable microclimate, dense vegetation, therefore it abounds with archaeological monuments. In the first post-war years archeologist A.A.ShChepinsky has established here existence of three settlements replacing each other: bronze epoch (the beginning of II millenium BC), epoch of early iron (first half I millenium about one century e., so-called the cornel-kobinskaja culture) and the Middle Ages — is opened a burial ground from 36 burials of times of Golden Horde.

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