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    Nikolaevka – Coastal, the Crying rock

    The Resort settlement Nikolaevka is in the western part of the Simferopol area, at coast of Black sea.

    From Simferopol the special highway so always it is a lot of autotourists, and also the townsmen coming by buses and minibuses directly from the microdistricts here is laid. There are flights and from railway station.

    It is built up, first of all, by modest bases of rest of the Crimean enterprises, there are also smart cases, for example, in boarding house "Энергетик", and sports constructions of Olympic level (a sports complex "Avant-guard" - there prepared for victories and Olympic champions, for example Ekaterina Serebrjanskaja).

    Lovely, easy also it is spacious for all mass kinds of sports in the boarding house of the First Moscow house-building industrial complex constructed in 1969.

    There are in settlement and superlux, and superellingi directly on a beach with apartments on several floors, and the modern private hotels connected to a worldnet the Internet ("Fate", for example).

    The Most pleasant, perhaps, this general, characteristic both for private traders, and for employees of the big bases of rest, a careful altitude to greens. Only in steppe can so to love flowers, decorative trees, bushes and lianas. Well and it is final, gardens and vineyards here it is simple marvellously – on what else resorts in the middle of July can be bought ripe peaches for 1 grivnju?

    By the way, also it is possible to have dinner here griven for 7-10: for example, the couple very nourishing and tasty tandyrnoj samsy will manage in 4 grivni, and a bottle of the Simferopol light beer – in 1.7. Products here can be sold only at the price of equal to the Simferopol markets, differently simferopoltsy which here has a rest much, simply will carry all therefrom.

    The Beach in Nikolaevka lasts along the sea on some kilometres. More close to coastal breakage it from yellow soft sand, and at water and in it already more small, smooth, it is good okatannogo gravel. Okatan it, by the way, still other reservoir preceding to present Black sea still in a glacial age. Sand and gravel are constantly washed away from coastal breakage. The storm covers a beach entirely. From here two consequence: 1) a beach very pure, 2) in coastal breakage any entertaining paleontologic finds are possible (bones of a mammoth already found, and the treasure any wave vykovyrjaet why is not present can also?).

    And where in Crimea it is possible to play directly on a beach in volleyball or football on sand, but thus in water to avoid some those yellowish-green dregs which sand gives at mass bathing?

    On a beach of Nikolaevka is not present either garbage urns, or locker rooms, either per capita, or toilets. There are no also fences. All that is under construction on a beach, is doomed to fast and ruthless destruction by waves. But directly over a beach in territories of the big health resorts excellent shadow canopies, sport small towns, small walking quays with benches are constructed. Well and everywhere is both souls, and toilets, both locker rooms, and other. FREE OF CHARGE and free. Of what on JUBK even it is not necessary to dream.

    The People come to Nikolaevka, judging by numbers of buses and cars, from everywhere: from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, many with the fat, tushenkoj and a potato.

    Have a good time all amicably, basically, in a concert hall "Power". The evening promenade with shine of jewelry and toilets as in Yalta, here does not practise, and is no place – the walking quay is not present. Is not present here and a depressing abundance of invalids as, we will tell in Sakah or Evpatoria. All are healthy, all are similar in desires and possibilities – the sea and the sun first of all. Well and moderately podrazvlechsja: hydrocycles, aqualungs, bananas, scooters-frogs, yachts, boats – in the sea; computer games, trampolines, go-cart racing, attractions, and also sports, saunas and massage – ashore.

    The Wind, an eternal steppe wind, the truth, complicates a paradise life a little. But it is necessary after all once and to leave from a beach. Come here, as a rule, for a week, simplicity of local rest does not become boring, money suffices, sunburn is guaranteed. The season – all the summer long + September – besides simplicity, is not present the excentric easter public advancing summer, "the velvet season" from it izyskami and languid romanticism of long evenings. Here autumn evenings already with crude winds.

    However, round boarding house "Энергетик" the powerful greens of park already support the microclimate, a ballroom with a unique parquet and other sport constructions prolong a season till November. The covered pool with heating of sea water, perhaps, will give to Nikolaevka new chances. It is necessary to wish only it that still all was for all.

    The Camping is near to a new market. Both that, and another is deprived any accomplishment, is not present podsypki or asphalt, gardening.

    The Extensive site adjoining boarding house "Энергетик", is fenced, but as the camping is not used. But at once from it shady parks of several health resorts begin.

    The Village Coastal, located in a mouth of a small rivulet Western Bulganak , though concerns the Bakhchsarai area, but through Kolchugino leaves on a line from Nikolaevka to Simferopol. Local places are not so densely populated, as coast abruptly break to the sea and are subject to landslips. Only river valley as though removes breakages in the parties. In the summer tent small towns for autotourists and rest in rural houses and summer residences involve those who needs only the sea and is inexpensive.

    Between Nikolaevka and Coastal, and also the set of small towns ellingov is Nikolaevka and settlement Frunze. Steady beaches there are not present, coastal breakage is subject to destructions. There, where owners ellingov put up money in an accomplishment of beaches, conditions can be very good. The wild steep coast is very dangerous!

    Halfway between Simferopol and Nikolaevka there is a picturesque Kolchuginsky water basin on the river Western Bulganak. At with. Pozharsky in a valley of this river it is located zakaznik the Crying rock (through cracks in it water exudes) with various thickets of medicinal bushes and grasses. Villages close it is arranged deltadrom "¤юцрЁёъюх" where pass representative enough competitions. - horse runnings it is possible to see not less interesting show and on a state farm hippodrome "-шэюуЁрфэ№щ".

    Igor Rusanov

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