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    the Salgirsky valley, Keslersky wood, Dzhalman - Krasnolese

    the river Salgir and Keslersky wood

    To start this route it is necessary to get out from southern suburb of Simferopol on "that" East side of the Simferopol water basin. We already wrote about its beauty and routes of walks in section about Simferopol. The most remarkable and visible from everywhere on the Simferopol water basin is the island (or peninsula at a high water level) the Sofa.

    Further on the south after a huge dome the Sofa you sailings of the Lozovsky open-cast mine will force to nestle on water. Here develop volcanic breed diabase — a beautiful and strong stone of zelenovato-grey and blue tones, a fine material for monuments, reliable podsypka for highway.

    Near to operating open-cast mine is fulfilled which can be examined. Attention the hilly surface of some diabase rocks, so-called podushechnye involves lavas, the certificate underwater vulkanizma. Diabases dissect the deep cracks sometimes filled kaltsitom, quartz, pink zeolites and other minerals. Meets here and well-known palygorskit (a mountain skin) — white plates of a fibrous structure, very much easy, reminding a cardboard.

    For the first time this original mineral by academician A.B.Fersmanom, the outstanding Soviet geologist, the popular writer of the mineralogical knowledge, the largest theorist, the researcher of huge open spaces of Soviet Union, an opener hibinskih apatites and many other deposits is in details studied.

    Here, in vicinities of Simferopol, its hobby for a science has begun. On east coast Salgira, above a water basin, already in with. Lozovoe it is possible to examine ruins of the original building topped with a gear turret. Here, on a summer residence of the uncle of professor A.E.Kesslera, grammar-school boy Fersman spent a vacation.

    Keslersky wood (on cards it is written so) on low hillsides over a summer residence abounds with tracks and dirt roads on which it is possible to walk in all conceivable ways in tourism. Here remarkable air, for some reason it is not audible noise from a trolleybus line though it is visible it clearly. Security from a northeast wind and that Keslersky wood longer other places is caressed by beams of the coming sun, have defined special softness of a microclimate. Long time scientists of the Nikitsky botanical garden struggled for that the Foothill branch here has been arranged. In 1983 I even saw sensible enough project. In it the huge rosary, landings of exotic coniferous and deciduous breeds has been provided.

    But in general, here and so beautifully, and trees and bushes grow without any leaving remarkably.

    From an eminence on which the summer residence flaunts, the panorama the Salgirsky hollow opens. Its sizes so do not match with present malomoshchnostju Salgira that already many generations of geologists puzzle over questions of its origin.

    Obshchepriznanno that is a zone of tectonic infringements, breaks, earth crust crushing.

    It is possible to track easily that the most extensive on Southern coast of Crimea the Alushtinsky valley (on which two tiny small rivers Ulu-uzen and Demerdzhi flow down to the sea) through Angarsk pass passes in the powerful Salgirsky valley cutting at Simferopol Internal and External ridges of Crimean mountains. In the same North northwest direction the valley of Salgira is continued by a waterless Chatyrlyksky beam, and in the south of Ukraine (is more exact than East European plain) in a relief linear falls on many hundreds kilometres are traced. All globe is covered by a network of similar infringements of the earth crust connected with its cooling at early stages of a geological history.

    Professor V.I.Lebedinsky asserts that the Salgirsky valley is formed as a result of lowering of this site on longitudinal breaks. However on valley boards highly over Salgirom the rests of river terraces have remained. Means, only the water stream could take out the destroyed rocks. It should and postpone them in the form of powerful delta, but we do not find it in Sivash.

    The Author of the book "рртэшэ№ -Ё№ьр" E.V. Lvov involves for development of such extensive valley as Salgirsky thawed streams powerful ыхфэшъют. -ю here a problem - freezing traces in Crimean mountains it is not revealed. Therefore it is necessary for glaciers from the south to place hypothetical high-mountainous Ancient Crimea directly on the deepest part of Black sea. Boreholes have precisely shown that the type of earth crust of the basis of Black sea is close to oceanic so it always was under water.

    In my book "Island of treasures Crimea" I result the version on which the Salgirsky valley is developed during postglacial time by the powerful water stream previous Dnepr. It began on border of a glacier at a present city of Zaporozhye and ran into Black sea through the Salgirsky and Alushtinsky valley. Only such powerful stream could take out and a large quantity of a stone material, having sawn through in the Main ridge present Angarsk pass.

    On dirt roads between Keslersky wood and the river Salgir it is possible to be passed and examine near sights – three old pines on a place of a manor Kiel-breaker belonging before revolution Perovsky (given to Russia writers, diplomats, officers, statesmen and the well-known terrorist Sofia Perovskuju). Further on the south in the Salgirsky valley on east suburb of village Pionerskoe-2 (Earlier monetary) ruins of a mosque of XIV century and a mint of the Crimean khans rise.

    Spurs Dolgorukovsky jajly from the east from a valley in places very flat and still from apart on them seductively look dirt roads. Lifting on them is tiresome, but is real. Well and descent simply fills with adrenaline to edges. Only not raspleskajte! Always check brakes and even beer is better for drinking already on a halt, when a route behind.

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